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Why STS is Right for My Company?
  1. Stability of the workforce due to reduced turnover at the entry levels. Training a stable workforce is a worthwhile investment which will eventually lead to high productivity.

  2. You can then focus your attention on your core business (i.e. operation, production, marketing, sales finance, etc.), therefore increasing your bottom line.

  3. You are the best person to decide the categories of workers who are involved in the non-core business which you want to outsource. Itís normally this group which gives you the biggest headache in term of your HR problem. By outsourcing, you pass over all these problems to us and in the long term, you $millions on manpower turnover, and at the same time, focus n your core business.

  4. We outsource your entry level jobs which are labour intensive and relieve you of the following HR related problems:-

    a) Reduced Turnover
    Your training dollars are well spent on the stayers rather on those who come and go. Trained workers are an asset to your competitors.
    b) Absenteeism
    This is normally high at lower levels, which we can take over from you. Your unproductive downtime is passed on to us.
    c) Sick Leave
    Hospitalization and M/C us a perennial problem in most companies which are labour incentive. The labour laws are so protective of the workers that abuse of M/C is widespread.
    d) Lateness
    Again this is your downtime and you incure overtime cost ($x1.5) to ensure smooth operation.
    e) Industrial Relations
    This where you reap the most benefits. You save a lot of trouble in unfair dismissals, termination claims, claims, labour disputed and industrial court cases. Legal fees and compensation for loss employment do not come cheap. Labour Court and Industrial Court tend to favour labour.
    f) Your saving on statutory obligations:-
    - EPF
    - SOSCO
    - HDRF
    - Insurance
    - Salary deductions, i.e. ASN, Union dues, etc.
    g) Union Related Disputes
    - Collective Bargaining
    - Union Grievance
    - Union Disputes
    h) Your long term benefits:- Your saving on :-
    - Annual leave
    - Maternity leave
    - Bonus
    - Annual increments
    - Retirement Benefits
  5. Last but not least, anytime your company needs to carry out a right sizing exercise, you can always rely on us to expand or reduce your workforce at minimal cost. Without outsourcing, it may cost you an arm and leg.

  6. As your outsourcing partner, we can always mobilize our extra workers should you need to carry out an urgent job on an adhoc basis.